Switch to green campaign calls on churches of all denominations, faith and belief groups to switch to using energy suppliers that only put electricity into the national grid from 100% green sources (such as solar, wind or waterflow) instead of supplying power generated from fossil fuels.

Why switch?

Green energy can help restore the earth and bring balance to God’s creation. It offers a chance for everybody to thrive. Switching to green energy is crucial to limiting climate change, which is already affecting the poorest communities around the world, and the Church can play a leading role.

As a community we have huge buying power. By acting together we show demand for green energy and send a clear and powerful message to governments and businesses that we are prepared to lead the way in moving our money out of fossil fuels and into green energy. By increasing investment in green energy we can improve the technology and infrastructure so that all communities across the world can use energy that is safe, clean and reliable.

Gas & electricity criteria:

  • 100% green sources
  • 100% UK-generated
  • No energy from nuclear

By using green energy suppliers, you put faith into action and demonstrate commitment to tackling climate change, loving our neighbour and caring for God's creation.

Switch to green

It all began from a partnership between 2buy2, Christian Aid, Tearfund & the CofE. It's success led us to launch Church Buying to help churches maximise their energy & other resources.

Rob Kissick, CEO, 2buy2

Why your church should switch to green energy & FAQs

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